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simpson-aboutExciting news! This week, I’m starting a new contracting gig through The Creative Group, working on site at Simpson Strong-Tie as a member of their growing marketing department’s web design and development team. I’m looking forward to trying something new and getting to know a new group of web design professionals.

My posts here may become a bit less frequent due to the change in my schedule, but I’ll continue to update with news of my ongoing work and things that interest me in the design world.


I’ve just wrapped up a quick job for an Oakland agency that does a lot of work with Stanford, using existing graphic elements from a previous fountain seating area open house flyer to create an informative flyer about fountains being turned off during the drought. But how does an illustration of a fountain work without water? Here are the original flyer and my inspiration, Cassandre’s classic 1932 Dubonnet advertisement, a triptych showing a bottle being progressively emptied, while its consumer is progressively fulfilled.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.52.13 AM


And here’s my solution:


Kristin Thompson, a professional speaker and coach based in Portland, Oregon, has seen her popularity skyrocket in recent years as she’s gained recognition helping entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants use public speaking opportunities to market their businesses. It was time to take her website’s look to the next level to match the growth of her business and its clientele.

Her site, “Speak. Serve. Grow.,” was already using WordPress as a content management system, allowing for the redesign to be applied by customizing a theme (GreenEarth, by GoodLayers) to support an updated, warmer color palette and new promotional materials.

Improvements included a more sophisticated, pretty design, with a bit of a rock-themed edge and cleaner typography; more emphasis on signing up for the Speak. Serve. Grow. newsletter using a freebie worksheet as a gift; key programs highlighted on the home page; and the ability to customize landing pages for bigger impact. The impact was seen within days:

“Thanks to my newly designed website… my home page opt in’s are going thru the roof! WOOT WOOT! The NEW speakSERVEgrow site is ROCKIN already and we haven’t even started telling anyone about it!” — Kristin Thompson

Visit Kristin’s website to learn more about how she can help you hone your public speaking plan to market your business and land more clients.


I’ve spent two great years helping Holy Names University revamp their Web presence, from a website redesign to freshen their look, to numerous WordPress blogs to support departments and faculty, and share University news and history, to revitalized social networking pages to foster a sense of community online.

It’s been challenging and fun, but now that I’m moving on, the job could be yours if you have the qualifications and passion to help a small university communicate its strengths and mission to the world.

If you or anyone you know may be interested, please repost or pass this job description for University Web Manager along to them.

The image above is of a mosaic outside the Kennedy Art Center near the George McCrea House (and Ohlone campground and sacred hematite quarry, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982).


It’s official: I am now the Web Manager at Holy Names University in the Oakland hills, a liberal arts institution founded in 1868 on the shores of Lake Merritt. I will no longer be accepting new clients, as this is a full-time position.

Holy Names University is committed to promoting social justice, being a model of diversity and promoting cultural competency, and being a resource for study and impact on urban issues, particularly in Oakland. With my experience in volunteering for non-profits in the field of education, the opportunity to devote all my attention and talents to HNU’s web marketing needs is very exciting, indeed.

Check back here for occasional updates on my accomplishments at HNU.

The photo above is of the Commencement ceremony on campus last spring.


It’s been a busy fall, launching the redesign for historical romance author and helping identical twin sisters and best-selling cookbook authors Mary and Sara get on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Website to follow — check back here for details.