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If you use Facebook to promote your business, you should be using boosted posts to maximize your marketing impact. Learn why in my recent post for The Placemaking Group’s Get Famous blog and its accompanying video.

Your Facebook audience can’t Like your posts if they don’t see them.

Fortunately, with Facebook boosted posts, you can affordably reach way beyond your page’s fans and attract a wider audience.

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My latest post on The Placemaking Group’s Get Famous blog this week showcases examples of using social media marketing in very different ways to benefit our travel and economic development clients. Guam Visitors Bureau’s Social Media Ambassadors program is providing a fantastic variety of photos to entice travelers, while the City of Fairfield is using a news blog to attract more businesses to its city.

Here’s a brief excerpt on the Guam project:

These slice-of-life photos present a down to earth, very relatable window into Guam’s culture, and have provided fun content to encourage likes and shares to get the word out about Guam as a great travel destination.

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Three Horizon Interactive Awards, WordPress vs Custom Website Design, and Best Practices for Social Media Marketing

The past month has been a busy one, starting with a guest presentation on best practices for social media marketing for Placemaking Group president, Dennis Erokan’s PR class at Saint Mary’s College.


Within 24 hours prior to the talk, we learned not only about LinkedIn killing its products and services promotion for companies, but also about Facebook throttling organic reach of posts to brand pages, so we had lots to discuss. Read more…


Taking a little time to be properly prepared for a video shoot will allow your personality to come across on screen, and your message to feel more authentic and have more impact. In my latest post up on The Placemaking Group’s Get Famous blog, learn a few quick tips for video and having a great presence on camera.

Video is still a really great way to engage with your client base, present yourself and company as leading experts in your field, and gain followers. Looking your best for video will allow your viewers to focus on your message rather than your appearance. If video is part of your online marketing plan, it’s essential that you think about your personal presentation before you start recording.

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Email Design and SEO

Here are a few tips on how to create a successful email design that will be more likely to be opened and inspire click-throughs to your site, in my latest post up on Placemaking Group’s Get Famous blog. Great design and thoughtful preparation of your email campaigns can really give your web traffic a boost.

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I’ve got a new blog post up on Placemaking Group’s Get Famous blog on Pinterest for Travel and Tourism Promotion. Pinterest can be a powerful and fun addition to your travel and tourism PR social networking program.

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Video is a powerful tool for telling your story, and is a compelling way to engage your audience and speak from a variety of viewpoints. With video, you can show your product and tell why it is different, in effect, building your brand. If you’d like to read more, I’ve got a new blog post up on Placemaking Group’s Get Famous blog on “Getting started with video – video production choices”.

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Last week I collaborated on a post for Placemaking Group’s Get Famous blog with their president and all-around P.R. and marketing smart-guy, Dennis Erokan, in which he gives some great pointers for increasing your business’s visibility. This is the first (of many, I hope) video blog I’ve edited for Placemaking Group, using iMovie, which, at about $15, is a great little app and is all you really need to get going to edit your own video blogs.

The full post continues to go into more depth on Dennis’ three points:

  • Know what differentiates your business
  • Share your knowledge: start a blog
  • Have a PR game plan

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Check out my post at Placemaking Group’s Get Famous blog on why it’s important to keep your WordPress blogging software up-to-date. Security updates make your site less vulnerable to hacking, and can save your business time and money—which is the number one reason I recommend having a routine maintenance plan. In my post, I show you how.

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In 2008 I joined a Taproot Foundation team of marketing professionals to create a brochure for AXIS Dance Company. Little did I know then that it would be the start of a great working relationship, both as a volunteer donating my time and skills to help with various marketing campaigns, and later, as a board member.

Earlier this week AXIS posted an interview with me about why I joined the board. I hope it inspires people to volunteer their own time and professional skills to support an arts organization in their communities.

And if your community happens to be here in the Bay Area, perhaps you’ll be moved to apply to join the AXIS board—we’re excited to be working to recruit new board members this fall.

Please share the AXIS posts with your friends and colleagues who might be interested in this great professional opportunity to make a difference in supporting the arts right here in Oakland, and feel free to ask me more about AXIS in the comments.

Above, video of AXIS performing on So You Think You Can Dance earlier this week.