New Launch for The Placemaking Group: Microscope Hub, an online store for high quality, brand name microscopes, is a recent e-commerce website launch by Placemaking Group. As senior designer on the project, I was involved in its design and website production.


Microscope Hub homepage design


Microscope Hub shopping page

From The Placemaking Group’s website:

Microscope Hub is an online store providing high quality, brand name microscopes at fair prices. We structured and designed their website to appeal to and educate buyers in three specific fields: medical device inspection, micro-electronic inspection and education. Comparison charts for each application provide detailed information to guide a customer to the right choice for their needs.

On the administrative (backend) side, a content management system (CMS) was added for easy updates to product descriptions, videos and cost by staff.

The Microscope Hub shopping experience includes a carousel of product images with optional zoom-in, videos demonstrating key features, and an easy-to-use shopping cart for its e-commerce sales.