Interaction of Color: This Month’s Favorite App

On vacation this week I got lost in a wonderful new app commemorating the 50th anniversary of Interaction of Color by Josef Albers. The new edition of the book is also splendid, but it was playing with the app really took me back to art school and X-ACTO knives and Color-aid paper. From grain edit:

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color,Yale University Press has released an interactive iPad app for the now classic book on the subject. Beautifully designed by Potion, the app features the original set of over 140 color studies as well as the full text. In addition, a variety of experts and scholars provide commentary on Albers’ theories and work.


Maria Popova at Brain Pickings has posted a wonderful write-up about Albers’ theories and the design of the new app featuring audio interviews by Debbie Millman, that’s recommended reading to anyone who appreciates design and the power of color.

50th Anniversity Edition of Interaction of Color

50th Anniversary Edition of Albers’ Interaction of Color

After three years of studying painting an printmaking at Hampshire College, it was a summer class in color theory based on Albers’ classic at the School of Visual Arts, along with Graphic Design 101, that convinced me to switch my major and school to pursue a career in design. For years my interest in design had been growing, inspired by early 20th century Surrealist books and illustrations and with modern album cover and magazine design.

For me, Albers’ exercises made me realize that design choices made around the exploration of color can be as satisfying an intellectual and emotional pursuit as those artistic choices I’d made on a daily basis as a painting major.

It was lovely to dive back into that world of color via the Interaction of Color app over coffee and freshly baked scones on holiday.