Just launched! Speak. Serve. Grow.

Kristin Thompson, a professional speaker and coach based in Portland, Oregon, has seen her popularity skyrocket in recent years as she’s gained recognition helping entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants use public speaking opportunities to market their businesses. It was time to take her website’s look to the next level to match the growth of her business and its clientele.

Her site, “Speak. Serve. Grow.,” was already using WordPress as a content management system, allowing for the redesign to be applied by customizing a theme (GreenEarth, by GoodLayers) to support an updated, warmer color palette and new promotional materials.

Improvements included a more sophisticated, pretty design, with a bit of a rock-themed edge and cleaner typography; more emphasis on signing up for the Speak. Serve. Grow. newsletter using a freebie worksheet as a gift; key programs highlighted on the home page; and the ability to customize landing pages for bigger impact. The impact was seen within days:

“Thanks to my newly designed website… my home page opt in’s are going thru the roof! WOOT WOOT! The NEW speakSERVEgrow site is ROCKIN already and we haven’t even started telling anyone about it!” — Kristin Thompson

Visit Kristin’s website to learn more about how she can help you hone your public speaking plan to market your business and land more clients.