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Ten Sweet Tweets

Ten Sweet Tweets – June

Here’s a round-up of the ten most popular Tweets of the month. June’s favorites include 7 skills to run a web business, a Tumblr photoset of Japanese lead type, and Steven Heller on a reprint of David Carson’s The End of Print, a longtime favorite book of mine.

  1. 7 Skills you’ll Need to Run a Successful Web Design Business from Web Design Ledger
  2. How to Access Font Variants // OpenType goodies at your fingertips — from PuglyPixel
  3. Photo:  Intricate Japanese Movable Type Sets
  4. Wedding Invitations Sundays: Choosing a Font — from
  5. Photo: Collage art of Hollie Chastain, who is awesome. — from BookPaperScissors
  6. Onion-like: US Olympic Committee says sorry to knitters whom it claimed “denigrated” the games via @BoingBoing
  7. Designer for the Age of Austerity: Adrian Shaughnessy on Herb Lubalin’s Life and Work — from Print Magazine
  8. In Defense of Lorem Ipsum — by Karen McGrane
  9. Steven Heller on a David Carson reedition // The End of Print.
  10. Steve Reich: ‘it’s Beethoven on Mondays and Radiohead on Tuesdays’  via @guardian

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