Preserving Historical HNU

As part of a digital archiving project on campus, I’m blogging on Holy Names University’s photo archives going back 140yrs+ on the new blog, Preserving Historical HNU. Today’s post is on Milton Pflueger, the mid-century Bay Area architect who designed the Holy Names campus and many other public buildings in the area.

His brother Tim, who started the family company, was better known for his San Francisco skyscrapers, theaters and later, bars, and worked with Diego Rivera and Ralph Stackpole.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

You might not recognize the name, but if you live in the Bay Area, you are likely familiar with the work of College of the Holy Names architect Milton T. Pflueger…

In the mid-fifties, Milton T. Pflueger and Associates was hired by the College of the Holy Names to design the new campus on Mountain Boulevard. Pflueger wrote fondly about the College of the Holy Names project in his book, Time and Tim Remembered (Pflueger Architects, June 1986, ISBN-10: 0961413301), noting his interaction with the sisters and the unique design challenge of envisioning an entire hillside campus, rather than the more common job of designing a singular building to fit into an existing campus.

I’d never heard of the Pfluegers before, so it was neat to learn of them and have so many aha! moments in the process. Lots of striking, notable buildings with much attention to detail, craft and artistry. The Holy Names interiors are bit more austere, I would think. I work on the second floor of one of the Pflueger buildings on campus, formerly a dorm for the nuns. Some offices still have built-in wardrobes and sinks for washing up.